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Brian Mackern

Developer/designer of many CD and net art projects. Composer of autogenerative/reactive visual sound structures and environments. His works, mainly concerned in processes & structures in digital environments, explore interface-design, random events, estocastics, soundtoy creations, generative/reactive/interactive image_sound objects, real time video-data animations, netart and soundart.


Living.Stereo – Soundcode.Sketches & Cinema.tik (2006) CD-ROM

Living Stereo’s main focus is the recontextualization of the discurse carried on by publicity of the time when this technology was made available for the mainstream market, being it’s main line the inmersiveness that stereo technology makes available to people.

Using this anecdote as an excuse for presenting 2 ways of using, seeing and hearing things in which digital processes are involved, this CD-ROM’s main interface reflects fragments of 1958 film « Introducing stereophonic phonograph records » by Handy (Jam) Organization.

There are two main sections (left and right, ying and yang, 0 and 1):’SoundCode.Sketches’ and ‘cinema.tik’, each linking to different sets of soundtoys (simple and playfull soundvisual interfaces and remixers) that reflect two ways of interacting/reacting with code and digital processes tight linked to sound and visuals.

The « SoundCode.Sketches » chapter shows soundtoys in which the process of the codes are tight linked to visuals. As the user navigates the soundtoys, the visuals reflects the nakedness of code.

« cinema.tik » chapter shows these same processes but « skinned » by loops/fragments of iconographic films tightly linked to the « artist « history » as culture consumer.

The codes used are readaptations of code found on the internet designed for other uses (physics spatialization, formulae representations, etc).

Thus three aproaches/levels of remixing are involved: soundvisual/interface, code, culture.

This CD-ROM is a GUI concert version, designed specifically for concerts/live performances. This way the artist shows ‘his’ navigation, his own approach to the work. The author interacting with his own digital work.



A video from a Brian Mackern’s performance (for the exhibition A Modular Framework, 2010) :




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