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Nicolas Maigret

Between 0/1, 2001

Between 0/1 is a process using corrupted data, a kind of numeric humus, to generate resonant and visual textures. In this process of cross-media translation, the computer garbage is considered as an latent potential (At the beginning their contents are not make nor to be seen nor to be hear). In installation or performances these datas are revealed as resonant and visual bursts, two synchronous revelations of the same information.

Pure Data read as pure data, 2010

This work is an audio visual trip through the back of the binary code, and its hidden qualities: structure, logic, rhythm, redundancy, composition…

This installation functions like a machine to scratch the hard drives’s content.
In the video version, as a tautological process, the content of the Pure Data application is read as pure data that is directly displayed as sounds and pixels.

> Web version of the project: Pure Data read as pure data – WEB




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