Tales of the Computer as Culture Machine

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The Secret War Between Downloading & Uploading

MIT Press, 2011.

Le dernier ouvrage de Peter Lunenfeld.

Mediawork Pamphlet Series explore art, literature, design, music, and architecture in the context of emergent technologies and rapid economic and social change.

« Mediawork Pamphlets are « zines for grown-ups », commingling word and image, enabling text to thrive in an increasingly visual culture. But the aims of the series extend beyond creating theoretical fetish objects. They transform private theory into public discourse, visual experimentation into cultural intervention.
Private theory refers to those ideas that circulate within the hermetically sealed spheres of academia and the techno-culture.
The pamphlets select texts from these discourses, distill insights and interventions from them, design a supportive visual context, and launch these hybrids out into a greater public. The Mediawork Pamphlets series is not intended to « replace » other forms of discussion – from books to journals to listservs to Web zines – but rather to create a new category of public visual intellectuals, and new categories of audience as well. »



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